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Misconceptions About Termite Treatment

Your first house should be a welcome change from living in apartments, but in all states in Australia, termites can quickly turn your dream home into a disappointment. Termites cause hidden damage that often goes undiscovered until it is so bad that the house needs serious repair. Treating for termites is a necessary, preventive treatment for an active infestation. Pe

Dealing With Fleas in Your Home

Whether you have pets or not, your home could have a flea problem. Certain locations and climates are more prone to flea problems than others. Fleas can also come from neighbouring homes, or you can accidentally bring them into your home from the outside. A flea infestation can make your pets miserable unless you take action. Here are some ways to tell if you have a f

Rat Control: A Guide

Rat control is the process of eliminating rats from an area using a variety of methods. Rat control can be done by poisoning, trapping and killing rats or using rat repellents to drive them away. The methods are usually applied in different combinations with varying levels of success in order to remove all rats from an area. Here, we look at each method in more detail

3 Termite Extermination Solutions That Work Well All the Time

Termites are deadly. They can eat holes in the beams that protect and frame your house. They have the potential to cause floorboards to lift and even make walls collapse. Not to mention lead to peeling of wall paint. By the time you discover any of the telltale indicators of termite activity, you might already be facing a severe issue, and your home might have sustain

Reducing and Removing Spider Infestations: A Guide

Some people hate spiders. It's not quite the same level of revulsion as that which is directed at snakes and scorpions, but it's pretty high up there. There are a lot of different reasons too — most people are totally freaked out by the idea of being bitten and also just don't like creepy crawly things in their home with them at night. This article is going to cover h