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3 Termite Extermination Solutions That Work Well All the Time

Termites are deadly. They can eat holes in the beams that protect and frame your house. They have the potential to cause floorboards to lift and even make walls collapse. Not to mention lead to peeling of wall paint. By the time you discover any of the telltale indicators of termite activity, you might already be facing a severe issue, and your home might have sustained significant harm from these annoying insects.

Know that protecting your home from these pests isn't easier if you do it yourself. It is best to leave this job to professional exterminators. Read on to learn about some viable temporary solutions until the pest control technician arrives.  

1. Pesticides Sold in Liquid Form

You can use liquid pesticides for termite control. You may have to drill some holes in wood to increase the penetration of the pesticides. Don't hesitate to add the solution to your home's soil, as this will terminate termites as they fly around the house. Consider discussing your pesticide options with a professional exterminator so that you get pesticides that are harsh on the termites and harmless to humans.

2. Termite Baits

Termite baits, including termiticides, produce a poison that destroys specific bugs but does not disperse the poison to the nearby environment. You can even put the baits within the mud passages that termites build to connect your home to their nests or near their tunnels and nesting field. The baits will easily lure the termites and consume them in the process. 

3. Fumigation 

Fumigation may be used to treat infestations on a large scale. A tent is draped over the home, then filled with toxins that are released into the air, killing termites all over the place. The fumigation duration takes about 24 to 72 hours. And this depends on the degree of the infestation, size of the household, and the type of termite. The exterminator will then test the air quality to ensure that the poisonous gas has been eliminated from the house after the extermination job.

During the termite evaluation, the exterminator discusses all termite control solutions with you to determine which ones are more appropriate for your home and budget. Additionally, they may suggest a routine pest management program to keep termites out of your home. 

Local termite treatment companies offer solutions for residential and commercial properties. If you have any questions, reach out to these companies.