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Three Health Reasons Not To Skip Your Annual Termite Inspection

Every Australian homeowner knows the importance of regular termite inspections on their property. After all, termites do millions of dollars of property damage to properties and crops around the country annually. Unfortunately, in the current age of constrained finances, some homeowners attempt to save money by skipping regular repairs and maintenance to their homes. However, this is not a great idea when it comes to avoiding a termite inspection. Not only could you be left with a nasty repair bill, but you could also encounter health problems directly related to termites. Here are three health reasons why you must not reschedule your annual termite inspection this year.

Mould Spread

One of the reasons why termites love eating your home is because they find plenty of dark, damp nooks to chomp away undeterred. However, as termites move through the tunnels they create, they also open up avenues for mould spores to spread. Mould also loves dark, damp places, and given a chance to circulate through your home, it will do so. Undetected mould spores multiple and then invade the air within your property. When inhaled, mould causes respiratory issues, especially for those family members who already struggle with allergy issues.


Another shockingly good reason not to forego termite inspections is the possibility of a home resident receiving an electric shock. Damp wood is not the only thing termites chew as they move through the framework of your house. When termites come across electrical wiring, they do not let this stand in their way. Instead, they munch through the wires and keep on moving. If you are lucky, the wire is completely severed, and the worst thing you encounter is a non-functioning outlet or light. However, if the wire is partially chewed and begins to short out, then you stand the risk of an electrocuted family member.

Structural Issues

Not to be left out, structural issues caused by termites within the home are another reason why the annual inspection is so important. Because termite damage is often out of sight, the first sign you have of structural issues is when the damage becomes apparent. For example, a falling support beam or door frame can easily land on a person or pet when it gets to a structural failure point.

As you can see, the money saved from not having an annual termite inspection is not worth the price of potential health issues. Therefore, make sure you book your termite inspection when it becomes due this year.