How to Handle Any Type of Pest

Francisco Perry

Why You Should Never Underestimate Termites

Termites are one of the most widespread and invasive species of pest that you will find not only in Australia but around the world. There are many different types of species of termite, but the ones that spark fear in every homeowner across the country are those that target the timber of your house and business. Unfortunately, a lot of people assume termites are no bi

Why Your Pest Control Methods Might Be Ineffective

DIY pest control measures might work for lower pest infestation levels or specific pests. However, if you've realised that your efforts are not successful, you're most likely not doing it correctly. Effective pest control is a step-by-step process, so you're probably not getting the desired results because you're not following these steps. Here are the steps that pest

Three Health Reasons Not To Skip Your Annual Termite Inspection

Every Australian homeowner knows the importance of regular termite inspections on their property. After all, termites do millions of dollars of property damage to properties and crops around the country annually. Unfortunately, in the current age of constrained finances, some homeowners attempt to save money by skipping regular repairs and maintenance to their homes.

Misconceptions About Termite Treatment

Your first house should be a welcome change from living in apartments, but in all states in Australia, termites can quickly turn your dream home into a disappointment. Termites cause hidden damage that often goes undiscovered until it is so bad that the house needs serious repair. Treating for termites is a necessary, preventive treatment for an active infestation. Pe

Dealing With Fleas in Your Home

Whether you have pets or not, your home could have a flea problem. Certain locations and climates are more prone to flea problems than others. Fleas can also come from neighbouring homes, or you can accidentally bring them into your home from the outside. A flea infestation can make your pets miserable unless you take action. Here are some ways to tell if you have a f