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How Can You Control The Presence of Termites Around Your Home?

Termites do a great deal of damage to Australian homes every year. These creatures are well known for the amazing structures that some species make in the bush, but when they are present in an urban area, they are undoubtedly pests. Of course, homeowners can always take reactive measures and call in a professional pest controller to provide a termite treatment when th

4 Ways to Keep Roaches Out of Your Restaurant Kitchen

Maintaining a clean, hygienic and pest-free kitchen is essential for businesses in the food and catering industry. If your kitchen is infested with roaches, they can easily contaminate the food and cost you your reputation. Nowadays, cockroaches are no longer intimidated by pesticides. Some have grown resistant to the chemicals, while others are clever enough to notic

What You Should Know About Termite Extermination

Termites can be quite bothersome, especially when they attack your furniture and wooden products. Their damage can cause costly repairs and replacements, and that is why you need to contact a qualified and competent termite exterminator when you notice any sign of their presence. Here's what you need to know about termites and termite extermination. Signs of Termite P

What Signs of Termites Are There For Homeowners to Look Out For?

Termites are a common pest in Australia. They can eat their way into people's properties with remarkable ease. Once their numbers grow, they tend to rise rapidly which means that the destruction they cause can soon get out of hand. As such, prevention is always better than a cure. Although pest control experts can get rid of an infestation of termites on your property

How to Tell If You Have Possums or Roof Rats Living in Your Roof

Australia is home to all kinds of creatures that would happily take up residence in your roof cavity if they could. It contains shelter, bedding material and warmth. But some pests are similar, like roof rats (black rats) and possums. If you have heard or even seen them then, you might be unsure of which one you have living in your roof cavity. But although they are s