How to Handle Any Type of Pest

Which Rat Control Measures Can You Take Yourself?

The best control measures are preventative and taken before there is an infestation. If you notice rat activity around your home, then you should immediately try to exterminate them by making it harder for them to come inside. This will mean blocking off any potential entry points. Rats can get through surprisingly small holes that you might think are not even big eno

Tree Termites: How to Tell Which Species of Termite Has Infested Your Tree

Have you noticed flying termites coming out of a tree in your yard? Or have you noticed what looks like a termite nest on or in your tree? Then you might have an imminent termite problem on your hands. If the termites decide to attack your home next, you could be facing a very expensive repair bill in several months' time. But before you panic, find out what species y

Why You Need to Worry About a Hidden Army beneath Your Feet

If you own a property of any kind in Australia, you need to be concerned about a tiny creature that lives beneath your feet. The termite, after all, can literally eat you out of house and home if left unchecked, and you need to have a plan in place to deal with the threat. It pays to know a little about this voracious creature and be familiar with its behaviour so tha

Types of pest infestations

A pest infestation can be a home owner's biggest nightmare. In a country like Australia, there is an increased variety of pets infesting both residential and commercial properties. This makes it even more important to get regular pest control check-ups to ensure there aren't any infestations. Pest control services are offered by professional pest controllers