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How Can You Control The Presence of Termites Around Your Home?

Termites do a great deal of damage to Australian homes every year. These creatures are well known for the amazing structures that some species make in the bush, but when they are present in an urban area, they are undoubtedly pests. Of course, homeowners can always take reactive measures and call in a professional pest controller to provide a termite treatment when they are detected.

That said, it is often better to put effective termite control measures in place instead. This should arrest their growth in numbers, thereby making them easier to deal with or prevent them from making their home on your property at all. What termite control steps can you take today?

Remove Water Sources

All species of termite need water to survive. Some termites that live inside wood gain their required moisture from the very substance they are hollowing out. However, most species of subterranean termites will need a pond or stream nearby that they can access regularly if their numbers are to grow. If draining a pond is impossible, then try to block off access between it and a potential nest site. Another good tip is to dig drainage culverts so that rainwater does not stick around very long. Seal up any water butts you have around your home so that termites cannot get in them.

Remove Rotten Wood

A typical site for a termite colony to grow underground would be beneath the root ball of a dead tree or shrub. This provides a structure for termites as well as a great source of food for them. In other cases, you may find that the insects use a pile of old firewood to make their home. As such, as recommended termite control measure would be to simply remove these items so your property is less attractive to the creatures. Dig out any rotting wood you may have and raise firewood up so that it does not make contact with the ground.

Concrete Patch Repairs

Most Australian homes have some concrete around the home, for foundations, driveways or patios. When your concrete is cracked, it, unfortunately, provides an unwelcome access point for certain termites which can force their way inside, thereby making small cracks turn into large fissures. Many termite control professionals recommend patching up any crumbling sections of concrete to prevent these insects from causing further costly damage. Simply by spending a few dollars on a bag of concrete can save you thousands in the long-term if it discourages termites.

For more information about termite control measures, reach out to a professional.