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4 Ways to Keep Roaches Out of Your Restaurant Kitchen

Maintaining a clean, hygienic and pest-free kitchen is essential for businesses in the food and catering industry. If your kitchen is infested with roaches, they can easily contaminate the food and cost you your reputation. Nowadays, cockroaches are no longer intimidated by pesticides. Some have grown resistant to the chemicals, while others are clever enough to notice the pesticides and steer clear of them. This is why you need to avoid an infestation in your restaurant kitchen by following these tips:

Clean Surfaces Regularly

Roaches often invade kitchens in search of food crumbs. Thus, if your chefs leave surfaces unclean, you can quickly attract an infestation. Keep cockroaches away by ensuring all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, especially at the end of each working day. This includes the food prep areas, countertops and the surfaces in your cool rooms. Don't forget the floors as well. Also, clean out any food spills in the cabinets and drawers to keep the cockroaches at bay.

Take Out the Trash Regularly

Food forms the greatest portion of trash in commercial eateries. If left by the alley for long periods, the garbage will attract all sorts of creatures, including rodents and roaches. These eventually find their way into your kitchen through unsealed doors and cracks. Trash that's left in the kitchen for long periods is not only unsightly, but it can attract cockroaches as well. Ask your workers to take out the trash every day to prevent it from causing an infestation. Plan for regular waste collection to avoid having a lot of garbage lying outside your premises. 

Provide Adequate Ventilation

Cockroaches tend to love moist areas, and this is why they are prevalent in kitchens and bathrooms. Poor ventilation in the kitchen increases moisture levels and creates a suitable habitat for the pesky creatures. Keep the pests away by providing adequate ventilation. For starters, keep all the windows open to allow proper air circulation into the kitchen. You can also invest in air conditioning coupled with a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture. Doing so will deter roaches and also create a comfortable environment for your workers.

Inspect Under Sinks and Appliances

Roaches thrive in dark areas, particularly under the sinks and appliances. If you suspect an infestation, these are the first areas to check. In most instances, they hide in dark places and come out at night to eat the crumbs. Keep checking these areas regularly. You can also deter the roaches from hiding out in your kitchen by using chemical-free treatments. A great DIY solution is crushing some bay leaves and sprinkling them in the dark hideouts. You can also dip some cotton balls in essential oils and place them under the sinks and appliances to keep the cockroaches away.

A hygienic restaurant kitchen should be free of all kinds of pests, including roaches. Contact a commercial pest control company if you're dealing with an infestation!