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Why You Need to Worry About a Hidden Army beneath Your Feet

If you own a property of any kind in Australia, you need to be concerned about a tiny creature that lives beneath your feet. The termite, after all, can literally eat you out of house and home if left unchecked, and you need to have a plan in place to deal with the threat. It pays to know a little about this voracious creature and be familiar with its behaviour so that you can be on the lookout for any warning signs. What do you need to know?

Underground Invasion

By some estimates, there are several hundred different species of termite throughout Australia, but they love to feast on wood products in any damp and dark environment. They travel around underground in search of a new home, and if they gain access to your property, they'll get to work at lightning speed.

The Queen and Her Soldiers

The colony itself is led by the Queen. This termite is usually larger than the others and carries a multitude of eggs. It is usually protected by soldier termites, and they help to ward off any other insects that may come close to the home.

The Workers

Most of the termites are of the worker variety, and they are involved in destroying your home, expanding the nest and tending to all of the young. They can be very productive when the circumstances are right but would die almost immediately if they were exposed to the outside world.

The Scouts

Unfortunately, you may become familiar with the reproductive termites, and these are basically the scouts. They can develop wings that are much larger than the body and, crucially, can survive outside of the colony for a certain amount of time. If it becomes clear that their source of food is drying up in their chosen location, they may find their way through the drywall and into your living room. In this case, they are on the lookout for a new home and will typically try to escape from your property by flying toward the window.

Bad News

Consequently, if you notice a large number of dead, winged scouts on your windowsill, you know that you have a problem. You probably have a mature termite nest behind one of your walls or underneath the floorboards and may have a lot of damage to deal with.

Bringing in the Experts

Call in a termite specialist as soon as possible in this case. They will be able to track down the colony and eliminate it, while you call in a builder to estimate the repairs. The termite specialist will then be able to set up a line of defence around your home to make sure that you don't have to deal with this problem again.

To learn more about termites and termite treatments, contact a pest control specialist in your area.